Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Setting Up SAP HANA One on AWS

My cheat sheet for setting up a new SAP HANA One instance on AWS.

Note that I followed many of the steps on this reference page: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-59815

1. Log into AWS and search for the SAP HANA One system under the instances

2. On the right side of the screen click the Select button

3. Review the type of instance needed (you can only choose from one of two) and click the Next: Configure Instance Details button

4. Next, Review the instance details and then click Next: Add Storage

5. Review the storage and then click Next: Tag Instance (note that I tagged the storage so each device would be deleted if I terminated the instance)

6. Review the next screen and click the Next button (I saved my original Key ID and key in a separate files so I was able to cut and paste these in).

7. Review the the security groups and then click Review and Launch

8. Here I just selected the magnetic storage (seems cheaper) and clicked Next

9. Make sure everything is good before you click the Launch button (especially the price)!

10. Select the correct key pair and click Launch Instances

11. If everything is okay, the you should see this:

12. Review and connect to the instance (just noting that I had to enter my Key ID and KEY again so this screen would come up) then accept the license agreement.

13. Enter the portal password

14. Click the green configure button

15. Enter the keys again
and the passwords below

16. Tada! If all is well, you should see this:

17. Download and Install the studio(this is available off of the Downloads link in the SAP HANA One console/portal)

18. Review settings and click Next

19. Review the features to install and click Next

20. Confirm the settings and click the Install button