Monday, October 15, 2012


There are those times in my life when I have too much to do in a short period of time and all my brain wants to do is sputter. I swear I can feel sparks spewing from my head just at that spot where those small crimpy birthday hats sit.

Tonight is one of those nights. I need to reply to messages from work about an issue that came up on a deployment, type up the notes from a school meeting I went to last week, and figure out how to get the kid to read the material that is due tomorrow.

Life was so simple a couple of years ago. I could sit and watch football on TV without interruptions or having the thought that at any point my enjoyment would be interrupted by work or family. Responsibility seems so cool when you are coming out of High School. Now it feels like a huge burden weighing me down and smushing me into the ground like some gigantic sledge hammer that I accidentally slipped under.

SAP Java

For the third time this year deploying components into a SAP system has failed due to an issue with what is called the P4 port. Which would be okay if we actually knew about the failure when it happened. In our cases, the deployment failed but the tool (in this case it's got the self explanatory acronym 'JSPM') happily continued without issuing any kind of errors. Two days later, we notice some of the applications are failing and upon further inspection find that some of the patches were not deployed. A look through the JSPM logs shows that the tool tried to deploy the components across the 'P4' port, failed, and yet issued the statement (this is recorded in the log) that the deployment was successful. Dang I hate it when an issue we reported in May is still around in October. Somebody get those guys in Sofia some coffee. Time to dig out the code and fix some issues. Bonus points for making the issue go away by December.

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