Monday, January 23, 2012

System Migration Preparation Steps

For bigger projects like system migrations, I've found that many of the steps are similar across different projects. This is my quick list of items that will need to be considered when migrating a system to a new box:

  1. SAP system profiles
  2. User environment scripts (in the home directory)
  3. Unix services files
  4. Printers/Spool settings
  5. Storage partitions
  6. adm and ora accounts
  7. crontab based events
In SAP, there are also these steps to be considered
  1. RFC's that need to be changed/restored
  2. Certificates that will need to be exchanged/updated
  3. Partner profiles that need to be updated
  4. Logon groups
  5. Update background jobs (remove server specific settings)
  6. Identify any AL11 directories that need to be updated
  7. Note any saprouter settings that may need updating
  8. Updates needed for SLD updates
Another thing I like to do is complete a full check of the current system to capture any non-fatal errors that appear. This helps determine if a problem in a migrated system is a known issue or one that needs to be resolved. 

Other settings I like to record and logs to capture for reference include:
  • Settings in SCOT (domain name etc.)
  • SAPLicense screen
  • Settings in the system change options
  • Settings in STMS
  • Snapshot of current logs
  • Certificates settings in STRUST and SNC0
  • SDCCN 

This is just my cheat-sheet of steps for the preparation phase. Next will be the steps that need to be complete just prior to a migration.

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