Monday, October 12, 2009

SAP TechEd 2009 - Phoenix - The Start

This convention has started out just fine. I got to Phoenix late and just barely made the early registration at the convention center. I got to the hotel only to find that my room key didn't work. So I hauled all my stuff down the nineteen floors to the lobby only to be told to come back and wait for security to help me with my door (apparently their thought was I am too stupid to know how to use an electronic key). Magically it worked when I came back up so 'apparently' I'm not that stupid.

Talked with an interesting gentleman named Keith from the Canadian Railroad. He's a system architect here to learn about SAP for the first time. We discussed how much there is to learn about SAP and why it may be better to just try to learn as much as one can 'fire hose' style.

As much as that sounds like a bad idea it's actually a good one. There's so much to learn about SAP that trying to figure it out one tiny bit at a time takes too long. It's better to jump in with both feet, gather as much information as you can, and let time help you figure out the larger aspects of these massive applications.

I also had a chance to catch up with an old colleague that I worked with on a 4.7 install in Montana. All of the original SAP applications I installed have been replaced. But many of the smaller Linux based applications that I helped develop are still running in the same form that I left them. It's good to know that something I built in my Pre-SAP admin days are still alive and kicking (demonstrating the stability of Linux based applications).

My last task for the night is to get ready for tomorrow by downloading my agenda (one thing I forgot to do before flying in).

Tomorrow I look forward to meeting new folks and catching up with a few others. Good times ahead.

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