Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crazy Day

Today was one of those crazy days where you have little time to sit down and sort out the day before the requests start coming at you. This morning it started off with a bunch of transports coming for our European system. We've recently taken over this system so we have been getting up early to move transports in while the folks over there can test. The upside is we have been updating like crazy. The downside is there is quite a bit to keep track of.

Once that blast was finished I started off with some requests for user changes. Our other basis guy is out so I took over the auth updates. These sound all so simple but like everything else with SAP it requires a bit more energy as changes need to be tested and updates verified. Luckily, we only added a few transactions to a new role so we just verified that the transactions worked for a series of company codes.

The next project came up as some functional folks working on some IDOC payment transfers wanted to start the process of moving transports into a QAS system. From my side, all they needed was some verification on what should move when. I responded by listing all the changes that needed to be made and the order they need to be made in (create directories first, then setup the port and then the partner profile). Once they had this info they wanted to test some port setups in DEV and called for my assistance once again. So back I went to discuss the role of the ports (WE21) and partner profiles (WE20) and if they could assign one port for each message type within the partner profile (this is possible).

In testing we came across an interesting issue. We updated the ports within a partner profile and went back to test with some unprocessed IDOCS (within BD87). This did not work because the old IDOCS had the port settings already cast within the IDOCS themselves. So to test the new ports we created new IDOCS (which confirmed that the new port settings worked as needed).

Finally, I ended the day working on some metrics for a new SAN that is being installed. Due to resource constraints, the original SAP systems were installed on to one storage partition. We provided the size of this to the vendor but found out that these are not that helpful since we will be splitting up partitions for the various application areas (this will include partitions for the Oracle logs, data, control files and so on).

In short I was busy all day. It feels good to be so productive. The hardest part about being so busy is I had little time for some planning that needs to be done. But tomorrow is another day which will hopefully be less busy.

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