Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Migration Follow-up

After completing a system migration and trying to fix the issues created by using a newer SAPINST I thought I would follow up with one final set of steps I followed to complete my install. 

To fix the kernel issue I downloaded and extracted a new set of tools and a set of brtools to match the kernel. The SAPINST program installed version 7.00 of the BRTOOLS which won't work with Oracle 9.2. so I had to 'downgrade' to a working version. Before applying the new kernel and brtools, oradev was able to attach to the database and update statistics. But after the update I started receiving an 'NLS' setting error. I tromped through all of the environment variables thinking this was the issue but everything I tried failed. That's when I returned to the Oracle Client install and re-ran the linking script named 'CROCLLNK' (the whole command was 'CROCLLNK -v -b 64'). That fixed the brtools issue for both oradev and devadm. Luckily, the SAP notes were helpful on this matter so score one for the folks in support. 

Again, I think the lesson here is to not use the latest version of SAPINST to complete the import portion of a migration. 

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