Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back from the Westminster Elks Club

It was a joyful occasion. We met my mother in-law and her boy friend at the local Elks club for dinner. The thin t-bone steak was pretty good and the potato and corn were good additions.

Other than that nothing else of note happened today. I had quite a few meetings at work and was too busy to get back to by SAP Business by Design.

A brief note about BBD. It is a very clever application. It takes much of the functionality found in the Enterprise Portal and applies pre-set business processes against it. So quite a bit makes sense from the minute you log into the hosted application.

Once you do log in you are met with the home page which presents any outstanding tasks that are nearing a due date or have been recently assigned by other workers. Across the top of the screen are tabs that contain business concentrations. Each of these can be assigned one-by-one to each user.

After learning some basic navigation, I was able to go from concentration to concentration. What made the transition easy is each default page within each concentration is the same for each one. So when you go from one concentration to another, you are met with the same layout.

That may not seem terribly important for seasoned SAP users but for mid-market companies that lack the resources for training, this can make a big difference. This can also play a key role where a user is tasked to many different assignments and has to remember how to complete a process in between them.

So far my impression of BBD is favorable and I look forward to how the interface is extended in the future.

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