Sunday, January 13, 2008

Things are good

First, here is a quick update.

I am coming to the end of a six month contract I have supporting the folks at StarTek. So at the end of January I will be going to work for MindWorks, which is the company that I was consulting through.

It has been a good contract and I have learned quite a bit. The workload fell significantly when a project was cancelled and my role changed to support two landscapes (BI and ECC 6.0) instead of four. The hard part was quite a bit of the challenge went away. I like working on the edge being forced to learn something new everyday.

I am not sure what I will do for MindWorks. I know they have quite a few projects going on and they promise that there are more to come. Which will work well for me since I like going into new situations and having to learn a huge amount in a short time.

The basis guy for StarTek will do a very good job. He as the right attitude to learn SAP and the aptitude to maintain it. Being the 'Basis' guy at a small company (a small installation rather) can be a challenge because you are often asked to resolve non-technical issues. And like many small companies this one has embraced SAP on the technical side but not yet on the functional.

Whelp. That is about it for the update on the job side. On the family side of things the news has been very dramatic. Which I will update later.

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